Friday, 14 October 2016

Write That Memoir!

"Where can I find sources to write my memoir?" That is the question that I have often been asked. But that is a simple question. There are four sources of materials for writing. In the case of memoirs, you are the source!

Tell the world about your life experiences at a particular time. And what sells is the "bad" news. Let's consider four of them.
Tell us about your "dirty" past life.  
Your readers will understand. After all, you wrote about it because you have repented. And come to think of it, everyone has a past. In Sorry, Not Sorry, Naya Rivera wrote how she enlarged her breasts and committed an abortion.

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 Write about a tragedy in the family that affected you. 

Everyone in the world is going through one sad time or the other so you have a ready audience. That is the story of Velma Jackson-Williams in Too Many Too Soon.

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Talk about a sickness that you have been battling with. 

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You should not be ashamed of that because everyone has one ailment or the other. And those suffering the illness are your ready audience. Jennifer Moore-Mallinos co-authored My Friend Has Down Syndrome.

Write about a lost memory.

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Is there something or someone that you missed very much? Talk about it in your memoir. After all, we all have fond memories. Barack Obama did it in Memories from My Father.
So don't ask the question: "Where can I find sources to write my memoir?" You are the source. Write that memoir now!
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