Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Three Wishes

What is the old saying about wishes and horses?

I have three wishes. Here are they:

My first wish is to travel to the North Pole and experience the mysterious Northern Lights. Enough of seeing those spectacular images! Wouldn't it be delightful to travel up north and see it at first hand? I am figuring out the nearest town in the North Pole for that purpose. Some settlement in either Canada, Greenland or Iceland. And a crash course from an Eskimo about surviving at freezing point!

My second dream is to experience a complete solar eclipse. I have heard enough stories of those. In one account back in the day, some villagers thought the world was about to end. So they slaughtered their livestock and began preparing their last meal. And then night turned to day. I am checking out the location and date of the last one. No last suppers.

My third wish is to experience an earthquake. Suicide, you say? OK, let me downgrade it. Earth tremor. Wouldn't it be nice having the ground shake under your feet? We all move about every day unmindful of the seismic movement below our feet.

Strange wishes you say? Not quite.. Those experiences are long lasting. Don't you have such an eccentric wish? And again what is that old proverb about wishes, horses and beggars?

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