Thursday, 13 October 2016

Amazon Kindle Millionaire Authors


Image result for amanda hocking"One day, I will become an author."
"When you become a writer, we will know!" 

The above was a discussion between Amanda Hocking and her roommate. Today Amanda Hocking is an Amazon Kindle millionaire. She uploaded her stories on the site, and so began her success story..

The American author has sold 1.5 million books, made $2.5 million, won a publishing contract with a traditional publisher, and received an advance fee of $1.5m. Now her former roommate knows!

But Amanda Hocking is not the only Kindle millionaire on Amazon. There are Stephen Leather, Joe Konrath, H.P. Mallory who sold 70,000 copies in 2 months, John Lock who sold 1 million copies in  5 months, and Oliver Potzsch. Who says you can't make millions publishing an electronic book?

Ask E.L. James author of the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy. That title began as an electronic book. Today the author has also become a millionaire. The novels have topped bestseller lists, sold 100 million copies, been translated into 52 languages, and adapted into movie!

"One day, I will become an author."

Have you said those words? Why not stop sitting on the fence and publish those books now!

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