Sunday, 16 October 2016

"Don't Blow It, Hillary!"

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The U.S. election can be interesting. Almost like a festival. Sometimes contentious. And more so when two unpopular candidates are vying for the Oval Office. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
So one day I sat down to read the news regarding the election. I read all there was to be said about Donald trump, his racism  and his insult on women. I read all about Hillary Clinton, her use of personal email server and of Benghazi.

In one particular article, I took time to read the comments posted by readers. Of Trump supporters defending his plan to build the Mexican wall and dismissing his talk about women as what all men do. Of Hillary Clinton’s supporters saying that the email story was legless and that Hillary has already sat for hours before a Congressional committee and demolished all the Benghazi accusation. It was all interesting!

I do not remember the details of everything that I read on that day but one stood clear. At the end of the thread, an American girl after reading all the comments just wrote: “Don’t blow it, Hillary!” That is all I remembered.

I reflected on that sentence. It was full of meaning. Sometimes we do not need to say too much to convey our story. One sentence is enough. Like the sayings of the sages. Those immortal words that have outlived the centuries.

So what did she mean? She may have been saying that Hillary should not make any more mistakes. She may have been saying that she wanted her to win. She may have been saying that she wanted to see the first female president of the United States.

And as if Hillary heard her, she has been careful in making crafted speeches, wearing the right dress and smiling all the way. All well and good. “Don’t blow it, Hillary!”

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